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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sleep Well, Elliot

He died. The dog passed away about an hour after MT got there. He took a deep breath and exhaled his life right out with the 2 people who loved him petting him. MT said it was really peaceful. Almost like he was holding on until MT got there to say goodbye. The ASPCA hospice folks came the next morning to take his body to cremation. MT said they were great. Animal hospice - what a wonderful concept.

I went to DC as planned and had a great weekend w/Kristie and a girlfriend of ours from college. It was fantastic. I hope to have some of the body painting pics soon. Super hot. Super cool. Super pin-up. They make us look like we should be on the side of a WWII plane.

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Blogger Genevieve rambles...

Rest in peace, Elliot.

C'mon Pin-Up girl! Show off your pics!!

1/23/2007 10:17:00 PM

Blogger patti_cake rambles...

I am so sorry about Elliot. :(

Glad you had a good time with your girl

1/24/2007 08:08:00 AM

Blogger Retro Girl rambles...

Am so sorry about Elliot...I know how painful that can be.

Yesterday was the 3rd anniversary of the day I put down my beloved Jack Russell Watts. It was a tough day. (I'm such a sap!)

Can't wait to hear about and see pics of the painting. I bet it was an amazing experience!

1/24/2007 11:00:00 AM

Blogger Sandra rambles...

I can tell elliot will be greatly missed. But I'd never heard of animal hospice, it sounds wonderful.

1/25/2007 04:46:00 PM

Blogger a fish on a bycicle rambles...

cheers Elliot, let's hope that dogs go to a place full of lamp posts and rabbits

1/26/2007 08:15:00 AM


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